Our goal is to make deciding what to watch, listen to & read easy.

If you're into entertainment, you know the feeling of sitting down to watch, read or listen to something, only to end up taking forever to decide and avoiding a decision. We've been there, and we created Reklist for this reason. Reklist eliminates this problem by providing a centralized place to discover, discuss, and store recommendations from people who know your tastes best.

Although there are general algorithm-based movie recommendations out there, Reklist differentiates itself by being completely focused on recommendations from your friends and family. Your Reklist is your own curated list of what you want to watch, read and listen to, comprised of titles you've added yourself and recommendations from people whose opinions you care about.

Reklist's Explore page offers under the radar recommendations curated by actual users, providing you with personalized information to help you quickly make decisions. Reklist also allows you to quickly see your friends' discussion around any title, which of your friends have recommended it, and what they've rated it.

Ditch impersonal, algorithm-based recommendations and enjoy choosing what to watch, read and listen to by signing up for Reklist.

“There are other sites that claim to enhance the decision making process when deciding what to watch, read or listen to, but none focus on the most trustworthy source — recommendations from those who know you best. Reklist offers a simple solution to a problem we all encounter far too often by providing personalized lists curated by you.”
— Lindsay Borgen, Co-Founder