Want to read up on Reklist? Here's a sampling of press we've accrued since we've started.

Penn State Alumni Found Reklist to Enhance Streaming Experience
"Algorithm-based suggestions for movies and TV shows already exist. But the creators of Reklist wanted to create a platform by which suggestions came from friends and family, making the experience of searching for a new show more personal and efficient."
-- Derek Bannister, Onward State, February 2018

Reklist Launches With Mission to Save You Time Deciding What to Watch
"Reklist is designed to allow users to quickly and easily recommend movies and shows to friends and store the recommendations they receive. Users can also store their personal watchlist and mark & rate movies and shows they've watched. Additionally, users can Like, comment, or add titles to their Reklist from the Newsfeed and see what's currently trending on the Explore page."
-- Boston Business Journal, March 2018