Endlessly Scrolling When Deciding What to Watch? We Have the Solution.

You finally have a moment to yourself and decide you want to watch a TV show or movie. You get comfortable on the couch, grab the remote, open up your favorite streaming platform…then realize you have no clue what to watch. You end up scrolling for 20+ minutes, unsure if you really will like each show or movie you stop and read the plot of. Frustrated, you eventually give up and watch another rerun of a sitcom you’ve seen many times before. We’ve all been there.

Nowadays, when it comes to what we watch, there are so many options on a multitude of different platforms that it overwhelms us. We always think there may be something better out there if we just scroll a little more, and it ends up taking up so much time that we often give up. Aziz Ansari covers this topic, the paradox of choice, in his standup, his show Master of None, and his book Modern Romance. In the show, his character Dev takes so long trying to find the best place to get tacos that when he eventually chooses a taco truck, it’s sold out. We all experience a similar time-consuming phenomenon trying to choose what to watch, and we’re all worse off for it.

Algorithm-based recommendations try to help us pick something quickly, but there's an even bigger problem there: we just don't trust them.

On the other hand, if even one of our good friends recommends a show or movie to us, we don’t think twice about it. We know that they know our taste in entertainment and we implicitly trust their recommendation. Think about it – would you rather watch a movie your best friend told you you’d love, or any of the movies you encounter in 20 minutes of scrolling through options on a streaming platform?

That human connection is what’s missing in our decision-making process when it comes to entertainment recommendations today. You either have to try to remember all of the recommendations your friends give you when you sit down to watch something, or inevitably add 20-30 minutes of scrolling to your watching time and know that you may end up with another rerun.

Enter Reklist, a website created to bring the human connection back to the forefront of recommendations. With Reklist, you can easily send and receive recommendations from friends so that the next time you decide to watch something, you can pull up your curated list of options from the people who know your tastes best. Create labels to sort your list, see what your friends are “rekking” to each other in the Newsfeed, or check out what’s trending. You can also rate movies and shows you have watched and add titles to your own Reklist, making this platform the ideal tool to help you save time deciding what to watch and ultimately watch what you actually want to see. In a world driven by unreliable algorithm-based recommendations for the myriad of entertainment options to choose from, Reklist focuses on the trust we all have in our friends and family, providing relief the next time we choose something to watch.