4 Shows You Should Be Watching

With so many shows on so many platforms out there to watch, it's hard to choose which tv show is worth diving into next! Well, have no fear. This list of 4 shows you absolutely should be watching will help you choose your next binge watch.

These shows may not get as much fanfare as others, but they are definitely worth your time.

Stop watching reruns of The Office and dive into one of these dope shows! (Or keep watching The Office while also starting a new show, because we all love The Office.)

  1. Pen15

    Pen15 is Hulu's latest original series that revolves around life in middle school. The two main characters, Maya and Anna, playing 13 year old outcast versions of themselves in middle school while surrounded by actual 13 year old middle schoolers. Follow these characters as they navigate the middle school life of trying to be cool, getting caught up in too much drama and always having to worry about their reputation -- and be thankful you're not still in middle school.

  2. Russian Doll

    The great Natasha Lyonne stars in the lead of this new Netflix series. It's Nadia's birthday and she's turning 36. However, Nadia dies that night and keeps reliving her 36th birthday over and over again. This series gets its name by its plot line mirroring the classic Russian dolls that are stacked one inside of the other. Nadia gets stuck in a warped time loop but somehow awakes unscathed the following day. If you're into out-there, unique series, you'll definitely enjoy this one.

  3. Sex Education

    This Netflix original has been extremely well received. Otis is an awkward high school student whose mom is a sex therapist. Otis doesn't have much sexual experience, but has a live-in sex education expert -- his mother. When his fellow classmates find out how much he knows about sex and about his mother's career, Otis turns to a bad-ass classmate named Maeve to get an underground sex education club started and elevate his status at school.

  4. Superstore

    This hilarious and fun to watch workplace comedy is about a crew of employees who all work at Cloud 9, a megastore similar to a Big Lots or Costco. Superstore has a Parks & Rec vibe to it, with its ensemble cast of characters bringing life into the workplace. From the new employees to the ones who run the show, this mix of odd-ball personalities will keep you laughing as they tackle the day to day tasks of dealing with customers in a super-sized store.