4 Shows & Movies We Recommend for Your Viewing Pleasure

If you're looking for something new, exciting and interesting to watch, we've got you covered with these rad under the radar movie and show recommendations.

This week's round-up features an inquisitive docuseries, a witty, underrated comedy, an indie rom-com and a dark dramedy network series. Impress your friends -- or yourself -- by tuning into these interesting titles.

  1. Explained
    If you enjoy learning about a wide range of interesting topics without having to pick up a book, this docuseries is for you. Explained dives into big-question topics such as cryptocurrency, monogamy, designer DNA and even why diets fail. Thoroughly explore gripping social and cultural issues, as well as things as simple as the meaning of an exclamation point, by tuning into this documentary series.
    Where to Watch: Netflix
  2. Casual
    This wildly underrated comedy brings real life situations right to your screen. Featuring a newly divorced woman, her teenage daughter and her bachelor brother all living under one roof, this Hulu original comedy hilariously navigates the waters of dating life. The fourth and final season is being released on July 31st, so now is the time to binge this comedy. (FYI: It also has a 92% Rotten Tomatoes rating).
    Where to Watch: Hulu
  3. Your Sister's Sister
    This comedy/drama was released in 2012 but never got the recognition it deserved. Centered on Jack who is grieving his brother, this indie explores the relationship between Jack, his friend Iris who invited him to her family cabin, and Iris' sister who Jack ends up getting involved with. The cabin's close quarters lead to some interesting interactions and dialogue. If you're in the mood for an indie rom-com that will hold your attention, this title fits the bill.
    Where to Watch: Hulu
  4. Dietland
    New to AMC, this show features Plum, a ghost-writer for a hot New York magazine, struggling with her self image. Her boss that she ghost writes for is a ruthless but super successful beautiful business woman. While Plum is on her bumpy road of self acceptance and work, there are simultaneous buzz-worthy incidents of men accused of sexual assault going missing and turning up dead. Tune in to see how these interesting story lines intermingle.
    Where to Watch: On cable, AMC Network or OnDemand