5 Reasons Everyone Should Be Watching 'Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj'

"Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj" is a new talk show that premiered on Netflix on October 28th. Hasan Minhaj, the show's host, is a Daily Show alum and Peabody Award-winning comedian who is bringing his brand of comedy to current events. Minhaj dives into one particular real-world topic with each episode, really bringing you the full picture of what's happening accompanied by some hilarious jokes.

This new Netflix talk show is excellent, and here are 5 important reasons why everyone should be tuning in to Hasan's show on Sundays on Netflix:

1. Hasan Minhaj brings a unique brand of comedy to the political and cultural landscape.

Hasan Minhaj has a hilarious comedic delivery of serious subjects that are affecting today's world. With things being so depressing as of late, it's nice to be able to tackle real-world issues without having to be so deadly serious.

2. You'll stay up to date on the most important cultural, political, and real issues affecting the world.

Face it, there's A LOT going on in today's world, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up! Hasan Minhaj's delivery of these sensitive and important topics will make you want to stay informed and be able to enjoy a few laughs along the way.

3. Hasan Minhaj is the first Indian-American host of a weekly comedy show.

Diversity in comedy is desperately needed (cough, cough, line up of all middle-aged white male cable late night hosts), and Hasan Minhaj is a trailblazer in his field. Started at The Daily Show, now he's here!

4. You can enjoy getting down with some smart humor!

Hasan is hilarious without having to dumb down his comedy. His jokes are smart, witty, hilarious, and unique. You'll absolutely love his brand of humor.

5. Getting a once-a-week deep dive into a particular issue will allow you to learn about all sides of the topic while not taking up too much of your time.

Staying informed is sexy, and enjoying comedy is fun. Get the best of both worlds when you tune into "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj" on Netflix!