5 Shows You Aren't Watching But Should Be

We're in the golden age of television, and there are SO MANY amazing shows out there right now! Although no one can possibly keep up with all of the great shows that are available, these five should be at the top of your list.

Without further ado, check out these rad shows that you should be watching:


Julia Roberts takes her first major small screen role in this series, portraying Heidi Bergman, a social worker who works at the Homecoming group facility and helps soldiers re-acclimate to civilian life after serving. Heidi eventually leaves that position to start a different life living with her mother and being a waitress, but years later is questioned by the Department of Defense of why she left Homecoming in the first place. Tune in to find out what her actual story is and why she left that life.


Bodyguard will fill the large, Robb Stark sized void in your life. Richard Madden stars as the main character of this British drama series about the Royalty and Specialist Protection Division of the London Police. David Budd (Madden) is a troubled war veteran who is assigned to protect a politician, Julia Montague. Budd is vehemently against everything Montague stands for, as she was a main proponent of the war he served in. Tune in for high stakes drama, terrorist attacks, and political thrill.


This series is a reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch but is much darker and seeded with horror themes. Kiernan Shipka stars as Sabrina, who at 16 has to deal with her half-human, half-witch nature and decide which world she wants to live in most. Sabrina has to fight against evil to defend her family, friends, and the mortal world while coming to grips with her dual identity. Tune in for a dark and chilling take on the beloved teen series. Heads up: Salem the cat does not talk in this reboot.


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if the Allied Powers hadn't been triumphant in World War II? The Man in the High Castle gives us a glimpse into how things would be if Japan and Germany ruled the United States. The dystopian scenario has the US split up into 3 parts: one Japanese part, one Nazi part, and one buffer part in the middle of the two. Although they are oppressed, people get a glimpse of a different world and strive to achieve freedom.


Follow the insane life of an intelligence officer whose latest assignment is to keep Iran from going nuclear. Sounds casual, right? John Tavner is an undercover intelligence officer whose job requires a lot from him. In order to work on and accomplish his Iran special assignment, Tavner must forgo his usual protections and take a non-official cover at a Midwest piping firm. Start watching Patriot to enjoy the high stakes, moral dilemmas, and undercover operations.