5 Reasons You Need to Watch Maniac on Netflix

Maniac is a new limited series out on Netflix, starring Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Justin Theroux, Sonoya Mizuno & Sally Field. If the all-star cast isn't enough to get you to watch, here are 5 other important reasons you should dive into this Netflix series!

Reason #1: It is totally MIND BENDING

Maniac is completely mind bending -- from the AdBuddy driven advertising world the characters live in, to the pharmaceutical trial featured, to the way the main character's brains mesh together. If you like shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones, you'll like Maniac.

Reason #2: Annie & Owen are amazing main characters

Annie is recovering from a personal tragedy and Owen is schizophrenic, and they're each looking to cure their mental issues in this mysterious pharmaceutical trial. They don't know each other at the start, but the way their lives intertwine is WILD.

Reason #3: The insanely trippy visuals & story lines

The opening sequence of Maniac is narrated by one of the doctors and starts you right in on a trippy journey about how life began on earth. Things progress from there, with wild and bright visuals being a cornerstone of this series.

Reason #4: Dr. Fujita's bad ass bangs & glasses

Yes, Dr. Fujita is super smart, complex and interesting. Her agoraphobia keeps her holed up in the lab most of the time, but she is definitely running the show in this experiment. Her blunt cut bangs, big glasses and constant chain smoking makes her a joy to watch anytime she's on the screen.

Reason #5: You can sit back & enjoy the ride!

This series will blow your mind, and at some points you may not get what is happening. But that's okay! Just sit back and enjoy the ride, and let Maniac take you in. If you want a deeper understanding of all of the events, story lines and easter eggs, I recommend reading the Vulture episode recaps.

What are you waiting for? ENJOY BINGE WATCHING MANIAC NOW!